About Me

After working in several SEN schools in London whilst completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London, I noticed that I was repeatedly finding a lack of perspective from other cultures other than the West in the general psychology research. This seemed frustrating to me as, after working in Sri Lanka and India I was lucky enough to witness first hand how exceptionally different their mental health services are.

Therefore, I made the decision to start a blog providing insights into these differences and how, despite having very different cultures and funding structures these countries are tackling mental health issues and stigma head on.

Now, after completing my Undergraduate and a 3 month trip to Bali, I am embarking on a Global Mental Health MSc at KCL & LSHTM, something which I will use to help further explore the so called “grey literature” of other cultures and how I personally can use those different approaches in my own battles to remain mentally healthy!

Feel free to contact me via email with any suggestions using the contact page or my email psych.mindedblog@gmail.com


Samuel Davies